January 3rd, 2012

dies the fire

Adam vs. Jet Lag (and Korean)

Today is the day I defeat jet lag. It is also the day I commence the mastering of my Sogang 2A/2B textbooks.

Sleep/the Korean language: you will be my bitch(es). I hope you are prepared for the Adam Bomb.

I hope you saw what I did there. Because it was kind of awesome.
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this is me


Something I Am Debating Posting On Facebook But Probably Won't (Because It's Too Inflammatory):

I lose respect for people who say they are a Republican and/or say they don't read books. The former means you don't think for yourself. The latter means you have no imagination. Together it shows you don't respect your society or yourself.

In other words, if a Republican makes it to the White House, I'm no longer an American. No joke. I'm done.
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