December 31st, 2011

this is me


In the middle of packing... I leave tomorrow for Chicago. Work is over. Things have been moved. I'm still not finished packing or moving things. I am so stressed and worried.

I'm going to dinner tonight. Then I will come home, pack up my dressy clothes, and go to Marisa's for a New Year party. Soon after midnight I will come home. Hopefully Minkyu will come over around that time. 7 or 8am I will wake up, freak out, finish packing, eat breakfast, and go to the bus terminal at about 11:20ish. My bus is at noon. My flight is at 6:15. I touch down in San Francisco at 11:24am Sunday, then somehow get to my connection to Chicago at 1:02pm. Then I land in Chicago at 7:12pm... still Sunday. Not too bad.

On the ridiculous flight home I intend on:
a) sleeping
b) reading
c) studying
Rinse, wash, repeat.

For now I am going to take a short nap because I am going to give myself a panic attack if I'm not careful. Then I'll get on with my day.
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