December 21st, 2011


goodbyes and a new beginning

VACATION! Four days off for Christmas. Word!

I just ate my first meal for the day: gomtang, a piece of bread with jam, and coke. Here's hoping I don't puke it up.

I said goodbye to my 5 year olds today; we don't have class next week. I surprised the Korean teachers by breaking out (if I do say so myself) flawless Korean, telling them I would be leaving next week. The kids were so adorable and sweet. I find the 5 year old classes rather tedious but they've improved so much it's truly amazing. And when little Eunseo said "가지마!" (don't go!) while pulling my arm, well, it was kind of devastating.

Today I signed the contract for the new school. And I learned that my background checks have officially been paid for, which means they're probably acceptable for the new E-2 visa requirements. Things are settling into place. Yahoo!
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