December 20th, 2011

this is me

food poisoning

I went to work today. Left 2 hours later. Rolled around in bed, shivering due to fever and clutching my stomach, before projectile vomiting in my bathroom. I've never puked like that before. Post-vomit I was feeling better and I was able to drink some coke and eat a saltine cracker (courtesy of the incredible Megan, who was an absolute sweetheart). I was even able to sit up and talk to my mom. Now I have a migraine (caffeine-related?) and my stomach is back to its old tricks.

I hope I can make it to work tomorrow. I hope I can stand up and lay back down in bed in a few minutes. I hope I don't die a virgin. I mean, wait, scratch that last one. I hope this shit passes soon.
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