December 15th, 2011

this is me

I am always hungry

Things I want to eat when I'm back in Des Plaines:
- Charcoal Delights breakfast (ham & cheese omelette, cinnamon bun)
- Dominick's Chicken
- giant sub from Wal-Mart
- Chinese food (chop suey, egg foo young, crab rangoon, egg rolls)
- Indian food (biryani rice, chicken tikka masala)
- Zingers (Raspberry)
- gushers (any flavor)
- turkey noodle casserole
- Hamburger Helper
- lemon pepper herb chicken
- jambalaya
- Chicago-style pizza from Lou Malnati's
- Portillo's hot dog
- chili
- Italian beef
- Taco Bell (nacho bel grande, soft shell tacos, hard shell, chalupas, falupas, whatever, I want it all NOW)
- Panda Express (lemon pepper chicken, Mongolian beef, orange chicken, noodles)
- Korean food (just to see how it compares...)

This list will be updated frequently.
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