December 14th, 2011



This month has just been... passing.

I have made the executive decision to cancel my January trip and just go home. I don't know, I don't particularly want to go home, but I've been a bit depressed and I'm not in the mood to travel alone so I might as well save money and piss around at home. My mom mentioned that I could visit my family in West Virginia which is an idea that has merit. Paul booked my ticket for January 1st. So close. Not prepared. I wish I didn't have to leave Korea but that's what happens when you rely on other people. I don't regret working for this school but I'm glad I'm moving on.

I've spent the last two days studying Korean. Goal: finish the book before I go home. LOL probably not. I do, however, want to complete the next textbook in the series before I come back to Korea in March. Hopefully I'll spend my free time in January/February studying and exercising. It's not like I'll have anything better to do with my free time (!).

Some group of teenagers set a bunch of cars in Des Plaines/Mount Prospect on fire and my parents' car was one of them. Here's an article that talks about it.
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