December 8th, 2011

this is me

long time no type.

When was the last time I posted? Oy.

Nothing really interesting is happening in my life. I'm reading a lot - hit 100 books for the year last week. Working a lot - just joking. Working very little, because the switch to new books has resulted in even less work for me than before. I spend half my time at work sitting and reading. I know, I'm such a great employee.

I am currently contemplating January. Travel/CELTA course? I don't know! I was contemplating going to Myanmar for a few days, but that sounds really intimidating to do alone. I'm currently talking to Kara (as in, right now this second) and we may do a bit of traveling together (Cambodia, perhaps?), but I'll still have two weeks to myself... Laos/Vietnam? I don't know. Angst angst. First world problems.

New job sounds amazing. I will hopefully sign the contract next week. Eek!
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