November 6th, 2011

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my weekend / nanowrimo

This weekend was alright. Saturday I had a brief writing session with Megan over lunch and then we joined our co-workers to go downtown. The Gwangju booksale/bake sale was happening and I ended up purchasing seven books. I also bought Chaz's old electronic dictionary, which will prove to be useful as I continue studying Korean. We wandered around downtown for a while. Later I had a word sprint with Megan and Zandra (conference call on Skype, bitches!) which I lost. Then drinks at Tiffany's and home. Later Minkyu came over.

Today I got lunch with Minkyu and then lazed around for a while. Then I joined Megan, Jodi, and Tiffany at Tom n Tom's for talking/writing, and Megan and I had three word sprints: she won the first one, I won the other two. Then we came home. Then this evening I had another word sprint with Megan and Zandra and proved to UTTERLY DOMINATE THE FREE WORLD: 830 words in 15 minutes. WOW. Not shabby. New goal: over 1000 in 15 minutes. I'm currently at 6330 words, about 4000 of which was written today alone. In other words I need to do 2-3 word sprints a day and I will succeed at completing this novel.

My book is, of course, completely different from every other idea I've plotted out so far, and it's also the only one that's proving to result in, well, a willingness to write.

My plot: In the near future the government police refuse to let the rebels espouse their left-wing rhetoric - going so far as to removing rebels from society, permanently. After being caught in the middle of a gun fight between a rebel and the government police, Raymond Armstrong is tossed into the deep end of what might just be a war...

I've been describing it as Arab Spring meets a dysfunctional future USA with magic and a few homos added in for flavor. In other words, I don't know what the fuck I'm writing. Word.
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