November 5th, 2011

this is me

a good evening!

My documents arrived in Chicago, less than 36 hours after I brought them to DHL yesterday. I just wrote a substantial message entirely in Korean to Shannon on Facebook. It's raining heavily right now and the sound is really nice. I had a nice evening walk and trip to a coffeeshop with people I don't spend a lot of time with.

And, best of all: I just killed a mosquito.

It's a good evening, ladies and gents.

Let's just ignore the fact that I can't see Kara over Lunar New Year and that I am covered in mosquito bites and my NaNovel is more like a NaNothing. (Weekend goal: 50,000 words. CAN I DO IT? lolololol no. BUT I'LL DIE TRYING. Not really. I'll probably hit 3000 words and call it quits.)
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