October 26th, 2011

this is me

lazy day. blah blah blah. paying bills!

Today was a lazy day. I did something like 300 word reviews today but nothing else. That's okay, I guess. As long as I do the reviews I'm good to go.

Having taken the last month off from having a social life I've regained some perspective. Frankly, I'm tired of a lot of the bullshit that tends to make the rounds on a semi-regular basis in my social circle. I miss my university friends for that reason: we were no- to low-drama. This weekend's Halloween festivities don't sound terribly exciting and I think I'll probably be sitting that out. Then November is NaNoWriMo/non-stop studying so I'll probably take a break then, too (I hope). Hopefully taking a break from everything will lead to something better in the future. Or, well, I could just wait until March, when I'm at a new job and almost all of my friends will be leaving Korea.

On an unrelated note, thanks to Minkyu and my own mad skills, I've figured out how to pay my bills on an ATM machine! In Korean! And I wrote the instructions down so I can do it again in the future! Life as I know it is, like, 50x more convenient. Now I just need to figure out online banking in Korea and my laziness will hit its apex. Score!
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