October 24th, 2011

you would think

시작이 반이다. Starting is half the task.

My mom made it back to the US safe and sound. It's strange to think that she was here 48 hours ago. This is the same feeling I always had when my parents came to visit and left when I lived in Kirksville, but maybe on a more shocking/stronger scale. I don't know.

I heard some of the exploits of my cohorts from over the weekend and I'm, well... I've missed having a social life but I really DON'T miss getting drunk. I'm happy I've taken a month break from that. I'm sure I'll get back to drinking this weekend, but hopefully this break will do me well.

On top of 250 vocab reviews (more to come before bed...), I did 8 (!) textbook pages and 8 workbook pages. And with that I've finished chapter 2! I need another day or two of vocabulary review before I move on to chapter 3, which has one of the same grammatical concepts that I covered tonight (-으세요). It's a good thing I understand the grammar because the next chapter has a virtual shit ton of new vocabulary. As background noise I've left on a couple Korean dramas, including 천일의 약속 (A Thousand Day's Promise). The best part? With my meager knowledge of Korean I didn't even need to look up the meaning of the name of the show. Haha.

NaNoWriMo thoughts: maybe instead of this new idea (think The Last Picture Show) I should just write a few short stories? I have a number already plotted out and outlined so this would be the easy way out, I think. I could just write The Last Picture Show as a short story as well. Hmm...
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