October 21st, 2011

this is me

vocabulary / boredom / my mom

Today was purely a vocabulary day. I did maybe 400 reviews and made less than 10 mistakes. Not bad! Over the last two hundred or so reviews I wrote down the Korean word and made zero (0) mistakes. It was kind of a lazy day.

A thought: Facebook tells me that I have a lot of high school and university friends getting married, getting knocked up, and settling down. While I fully intend on having kids and getting married, doing so at the age of 24 seems so-- boring. I mean, yeah, if marriage is in the cards I'd be up for it, but why not experience life before buying a house and having three kids before you're 30 years old? Sure, that's experiencing life, but there's so much of the world to see, so many things to do... oh well. Everyone's priorities are different.

Currently editing photos from Malaysia... sigh. Hopefully I'll finish before work tomorrow. Well, today.

My mom leaves in 2 days. I find this really depressing. I don't want to be so far from my family, but it's the best for all of us. I can't grow as a person without being on my own. Hopefully I'll see her again next year...
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