October 19th, 2011

this is me

studying / new jacket / chapter one: complete!

This is a study entry. Ignore it if you don't care.

1. I went to the bus terminal this evening to buy a ticket to the airport for my mom. Last time I tried to order it in Korean but the lady broke out her English. This time I said, "인천홍항에 한 장 표 주세요. 일요일에 오전 네 시예요." I don't know if the grammar was right, but she knew exactly what I said and didn't use any English. Success!

2. I bought a jacket at E-Mart. Unfortunately they didn't have the color I wanted in the size I needed, so I went with a different color. I'll say this much: I will not be hit by any cars this winter. Additionally, you will be able to see me from a mile away. Possibly two miles.

3. I bought The Little Prince in a Korean/English dual version, and I will try to work my way through it. I've read it in French and Russian so I might as well start it now!

4. I reviewed over 250 vocabulary words today. Maybe 100 new words, the rest were review. I also did two pages of my textbook, finishing up the chapter. One of the pages was story-based and because of my vocabulary studying I understood it perfectly! I then proceeded to do 3 workbook pages and now I've completed chapter one of book 1B. 7 chapters to go, woo hoo! Tomorrow I will relax, do some vocabulary review, and
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