October 18th, 2011

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galbi / study study / budgeting

Today was a nice short day. I introduced my mom to galbi. She really enjoyed it.

I studied 150 review words this morning and I attempted to get through this chapter's new vocabulary with moderate success. I did 4 textbook pages and 3 workbook pages. This chapter's grammar is quite easy. I have one more day of textbook/workbook and I'll be finished with this chapter, but I don't want to move on to the next chapter until I have the vocabulary down. I also did active listening; I listened to a few Korean songs and read/sang along with. I know, goofy, but I noticed an improvement in the speed of my reading/my pronunciation after a few listens. My ultimate goal is to sing these songs in noraebang and understand the lyrics/grammar without any trouble. Silly goal but there's no reason not to try. I also watched about 1.5 hours of Korean TV. My goal post-mom is to watch TV all the time. Gotta improve that listening comprehension one way or another.

This morning I did some budget calculating and I think I should be able to have at least 15,000 USD in my bank account by March. If I can't find a job by then I think I can afford 6-9 months of living/education expenses without working. I'd rather have a job but if need be I'll be able to survive. I'm currently looking at apartments/officetels for rent. Learning Korean sure would make this easier...
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