October 17th, 2011

this is me

this weekend. my job (or a lack thereof). studying.

This weekend I dragged my mom to the touristy things in Gwangju: we went downtown Friday night and did a bit of walking. Saturday morning we went to Sangmu and visited the 5/18 Park and Memorial. Early afternoon we went downtown and visited Art Street. Then we went to Buk-gu where we met up with Jodi, Megan, and Vanessa at the Kimchi Festival. Then we did went to the Biennale, "Design is Design is Not Design." Not bad. I sufficiently wore her out and we spent the rest of the evening/night relaxing.

Sunday we did a whole lot of nothing. Not complaining about that.

It looks like I will be extending my contract through the end of February and then I am finished with this school. Honestly, when I found that out a heavy weight lifted from my shoulders. I'm sick of teaching this content and I'm sick of this school. It's time to move on to greener pastures. Alternatively, brown and yellow pastures with rain clouds looming. I will be able to study at Chonnam University starting in March, you guys! I've missed being a student.

I've done quite well keeping up with my studying over the last few days. I spend about 40 minutes reviewing vocabulary every day. I bought the Anki SRS app for my iPod and it will truly revolutionize my studying. Today I spent about an hour typing up vocab words from the first chapter of my new book. I also did the first 2 pages of the textbook and 6 pages of workbook. Total study time today: about 2 hours.
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