October 13th, 2011

already dead

배달 / 직업 사냥 / 단어 공부

Tonight I introduced my mother to Chinese delivery. Now, with the exception of sweet and sour pork Korean Chinese food is nothing like American Chinese food, but I find it delicious in a completely different way. My mom seemed to enjoy the black bean noodles but wasn't crazy about the jjampong. What makes this notable is how pleased she was when she heard me call for the food. Every since I was a kid I dreaded using the phone, to the point where I would deliberately avoid it if it were ringing next to me. Furthermore this is quite literally the first time my mother has EVER heard me actually USE one of my languages. Calling for delivery isn't anything special - if you can read Korean you can order food here - but it was worth seeing the grin on her face.

The recruiter says he can find me a job with my time requirements (starting at/after 2, not before, so I can study Korean in the mornings) and in my location of choice (Seo-gu - the district I live in now). I will be talking with my boss tomorrow about extending my contract (or not) and seeing if he'll let me drop my kindergarten classes next year. If he doesn't, well, I guess I'll be going with a recruiter. And if he doesn't let me extend my contract through the end of the school year - and I don't see why he wouldn't - well, he can shove it.

Today I spent exactly 1 hour studying vocabulary. I studied 507 vocabulary cards and with the exception of a couple phrases that I just can't remember in their entirety yet, I now know them all. Anki is AMAZING, you guys. I wish I'd had this program back in university. I have approximately 500 vocab words to go, and a quick grammar review, and then I'll let myself begin my new textbook.
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