September 25th, 2011

this is me

Finished my textbook!/Diana's birthday/paying bills.

Lots of stuff has happened since I last updated, believe it or not.

1. Friday night I went to TGIF's with Megan, Jodi, and Vanessa to celebrate Megan's two year anniversary of arriving in Korea. After that I came home and studied until 1:30am - and FINISHED my textbook! This is incredibly exciting, you guys. I can barely believe I managed to do it.

2. On Saturday I ate lunch with Minkyu and chilled for a while. At 4:30 a bunch of us went to the Kunsthalle, saw a few interesting art exhibits, and wandered. Jodi and I came across a soju hof that had yogurt soju which tasted very similar to magkeolli (in my opinion). Then we went to Diana's birthday party at a restaurant. I got a bit drunk, practiced my Korean with some of Diana's Korean friends, and then went to Mix Lounge. I sat there and waited for Patrick, Lauren, and Susan to show up - they eventually did, and we went to Bubble Bar. I was there for maybe 20 minutes. During those 20 minutes I proceeded to do two tequila shots with Pat and Lauren and spill a drink all over myself for the second time that evening. Good times. Eventually I went home and entertained Minkyu with my drunken shenanigans.

3. Today Minkyu and I ate kimchi jjambbong at what may just be the best (Korean-) Chinese restaurant in Gwangju, 금룡. Delicious. Then I went grocery shopping, we came back and took a nap, and then Minkyu proceeded to be even more amazing than usual: he helped me order my new Korean textbooks on and he taught me how to pay my bills at an ATM machine. I don't have to pay my bills during bank hours anymore! My life just got 50x easier! Hot damn.

My mom comes in 6 days. This time next week I should be in Penang, Malaysia. Gotta book that flight-- and that hotel...
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