September 22nd, 2011

dies the fire

delivery, hardcore studying, styes

Hmm. I ordered delivery for dinner (delicious chicken) but I don't feel too guilty. I've done well enough this week that a brief lapse is nothing to complain about!

I spent all day studying; every break at work and quite a bit of time after work. I finished chapter 5. One more chapter - which is entirely review - and I will be finished with my textbook! I will go downtown this weekend to purchase the next book in the series (Sogang 1B). If they don't have it I'll just order it online. I want to try to finish 1B before November 1st.

I've learned quite a bit of Korean in the last 5 days of hardcore studying. A lot of review, some new things. At this point I just need to keep practicing what I'm learning. I'm lucky that Minkyu is, you know, Korean, and willing to let me ramble on in Korean. I've been wanting to attend a university to study Korean but if I manage to keep up my own self-studying I think the necessity to do so might be moot. I guess my long-term goal is to become technically fluent in Korean with the ability to speak and read fluently. I would be pleased if I could get my Korean good enough to do some sort of translating or attend university here.

The stye on my eyelid isn't going away. I should probably go to the doctor, but I won't because I'm lazy. Oh well!
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