September 19th, 2011

you would think

korean sentences and weekly goals

Just for fun, here's a grammatically correct Korean sentence:
수경 씨는 보통 일곱시 반에 아침 운동해요.
Sukyeong usually exercises at 7:30 in the morning.

Admittedly, it's not terribly advanced, but it makes me feel good about myself.

Goals for the next week:
- complete at least 3 pages of my textbook and the matching workbook pages every day.
- try to memorize 20 vocabulary words this week. Please, please, please, at least try, dammit!
- exercise 40 minutes every day.
- put that new rice cooker to work and eat decent meals!
- ... write? lololol
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this is me

I still love my rice cooker/studying/today was a draw.

My rice cooker is amazing. I tossed in a cup of brown rice/1.5 cups of water, let it cook, added a can of tuna, pepper and chili powder, some black bean chili sauce, and some sweet and sour sauce. Stirred. I ate that, a banana, and a container of yogurt, which was one of the healthiest and most filling meals I've had in ages.

Admittedly, I doubt I'll be willing to wait 40 minutes every day for my rice to cook. But maybe I can dredge up the patience somehow? If I can make it one week without eating cup ramen for dinner I'll be thrilled.

Tonight I studied 3 pages of my textbook and did 6 pages of my workbook. Mostly review (을/를 particles) but I learned some new vocabulary. I also practiced my conjugating which was much needed.

No exercise or writing today, but I've read 2.5 books (Sarah Addison Allen is surprisingly good), ate healthy food, and studied, so I'd call today a draw as far as accomplishing things is concerned.

Here's to keeping myself accountable...
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