September 18th, 2011


my new rice cooker and microwave! and relationship chats.

Today I bought a rice cooker.

I actually already had a rice cooker; it came with my apartment. However I never used it and today when I pulled it out from the depths of the cabinet in which I'd placed it 1.5 years ago it was covered in mold and full of bugs. I am going to clean it of course, but I think I'd rather have a nice new rice cooker to call my own. When I move to my next apartment I'll just bring it with me and leave the old one here. While some may call this laziness, I prefer to consider it "thinking ahead."

Interestingly, Minkyu's family has two microwaves - an old one and a new one - and he asked his mother if he could give me the old one, since it's sitting in storage. She said yes. You guys, I haven't had a microwave in YEARS. This is going to be amazing.

Relationship-wise this was an interesting weekend. Minkyu was in a strange mood Friday and Saturday and I discovered that he was depressed because his English isn't good enough to enjoy himself when he's surrounded by foreigners. I understand that. This was actually a good thing: we had a good long chat. We always have good long chats, but this one was one of those important relationship-defining chats that we haven't had for quite some time now. In the midst of our conversation I discovered some interesting things about Minkyu. He supports gay marriage, abortion, and foreigners (legally) entering Korea. I find it amazing that it's taken 6 months to learn this about him; it's the sort of thing I would've wanted to know within the first couple dates with another foreigner. It's mind-boggling sometimes to think that we've been together six months and in some ways we barely know anything about one another. Probably most ways.
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