September 15th, 2011

golden skans

What the Water Gave Me.

Tonight I was going to eat gopchang (intestines) and salbap (rice mixed with blood) but the restaurant closed down. Instead Minkyu and I ate saengtaetang - fish soup. It was pretty spicy. They cooked up the soup with a whole fish in it, then you scrape the flesh off the bones and stir it into your soup. I was fine with it until I encountered the intestines. They looked... well, like intestines. Figures.

There were power outages throughout Korea today. Fortunately it only caused me a little discomfort and I managed to get all of my work done as needed.

Last weekend was ridiculous. Four days off. I made a couple new friends, got absolutely shitfaced drunk Sunday night - I mean, we're talking so drunk that I barely remember eating samgyupsal (my first in a year!) at 3am. Fortunately I didn't have a hangover. Jodi and I wandered around Sangmu Monday. Besides that I didn't do much of interest all weekend. I hung out with Minkyu Saturday and Tuesday, goofed off, and relaxed. It was much needed.

This week I've been sick on and off. I had a stye on my eyelid, but it's much better now. I had a cold that felt like someone was shoving a knife in my ear but that's better too. Good.

I know it's old news, but I'm passionate about Florence and the Machine - What The Water Gave Me. Beautiful. Shake It Out, her new single, is also outstanding. Oh, and John Butler Trio - Revolution is also fantastic. Sara, you'd like that song, I think. When the Native fellow lip syncs "take your land" - that's a great moment in music right there.
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