August 6th, 2011


Too many milkshakes.

For my summer vacation (all six days of it, sigh) I went to Mongolia. Here are the photos.

It was incredible. It reminded me of the goals I've strayed from: Russian, Slavic studies, traveling and trying new things. Korea is great but now that my loans are paid off and I've got money in the bank I've been wondering if it's time to move on. Maybe it is. I need to do some research, but I think I'll stay in Korea through March, travel around Asia for a few months, get my CELTA, go back to the states for a month, then go to either Russia or (the republic of) Georgia to teach English. This is likely to change. Especially considering the fact that I'm not exactly single right now. That's a bad reason to do anything but it's worthy of consideration nonetheless.

I just spent the day watching New Zealand's Next Top Model. I'm aware than I'm probably the only non-antipodean person on Earth watching it, but it's pretty good. As far as I'm concerned, Brigette, Bianca, and Arihana are the best, whereas Aroha is a nasty bitch who needs to GTFO.

Summer Camp is the same as always. 11 kids with a wide range of ages, ability levels, and attention spans. It's a time indeed.
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