July 7th, 2011

this is me

Chicken, studying, and yogurt(?)

Proof I'm making progress in Korean: I called a delivery place for dinner. I said what I wanted, the guy said something in the negative. I asked, "오븐순살치킨 없어요?" "네." So I ordered something else. Then a few minutes after we hung up the restaurant called back to confirm my address. I understood what he said and gave (very basic) instructions on where I live. Twenty minutes later my chicken arrived. Success!

I need to study. Minkyu and I decided that we are going to start having study dates at coffee shops. I was doing quite well with studying for a couple of weeks last month, then that died out a bit. I study maybe once a week. Pathetic. On the other hand, I am confident about everything I've learned thus far and I practice it on a regular basis. I just... need to study more.
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