May 27th, 2011


the one who kept it all going

This is a "damn, I'm good" post. Sorry about that.

Things I've cleaned in the last 24 hours:
- everything in my kitchen cupboards
- the kitchen cupboards
- my kitchen
- my bathroom
- old clothes at the bottom of my wardrobe
- my wardrobe
- the floors

Everything with bleach. I also dusted, but that wasn't with bleach. The only thing I have yet to clean is my suitcase, which (surprise!) requires bleach. Frankly I suspect I'm just going to throw it behind my washing machine and not clean it until I need it (at this rate, never).

This week I exercised every day. Two days I exercised twice. I also watched what I ate. I am pleased with myself.

I may or may not have a cold. This shouldn't be too surprising. One day I'll make it more than a week without being sick. You know, when I leave Korea. Sigh.
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