April 28th, 2011

too cool

I love dining rooms.

Today started when I awoke from a dream. In the dream I was singing a song. Here are the lyrics:
I love dining rooms, dining rooms, dining rooms.
Table and chair in my dining room, dining room, dining room.

Hit single of 2011, amirite? It's surprisingly catchy. I'm going to try to adapt it for use in teaching: "I have two hands, hands, hands. Hands on my arms, arm, arms." I think it has potential.

Then I got a relatively successful hair cut. I hate getting my hair cut, period, but in Korea it's a nightmare. It was relatively successful because it doesn't look bad. It isn't what I wanted though. It never is.

Classes went well. I made up a number matching game that we played in my 6 year old classes which went very well. Speaking class was okay, mainly because I've started choosing a teacher's helper every day who does the teaching for me. I sit and moderate. My last class was also fine.

After work I ate dinner, helped Megan move mattresses (long story), and now I'm waiting for Minkyu to arrive. Woop woop. Good day.
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