March 8th, 2011

this is me

Adam Teacher is a meany.

Day 3 of the new session, with brand new classes and students, has come and gone. I now work until 10pm again. Oh boy.

Here are a few comments on my day, in no particular order:
- Oh god, you're her sister?
- I hate 13 year old girls.
- Fuck, it's Julia Part 2.
- 8 year olds are so cute.
- You peed twenty minutes ago. You can hold it. (This resulted in some drama.)
- You're a 12 year old boy. Stop crying. (This is only part of said drama.)
- You're a 12 year old boy. Put your bum in your chair and shut up for a change. (This is unrelated to said drama.)
- Who called? (Drama complete.)
- Good grief this class is big.
- How the hell am I going to do two books in three months?
- 13 year olds shouldn't be in class until 10pm. And neither should I.

Tomorrow is my first day with my ickle babies - the 6 year olds - and my Speaking class. Nice and short. Let's git 'er done, bitches.
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