January 13th, 2011


I'll feed your obsessions.

Life is life. Winter Camp is going faster than expected. Tomorrow marks the halfway point. I'm a little surprised that I'm actually enjoying my class. Good kids. Usually. My social life is so-so. Cutting back on the drinking and going downtown does that. On the other hand, some things are good.

On a completely unrelated note, I am listening to the song "Supervixen" by my all-time favorite band, Garbage, and I have had two revelations.

1. Garbage's eponymous first album came out 16 years ago. Sweet Jesus. Now, I didn't discover the band until 1999 (1998?), after they released their second album, Version 2.0. Regardless of that... good music never ages.

2. I was reading the lyrics to the aforementioned track "Supervixen" and I realized something; it's about drugs and addiction. I always thought it was about sexual domination (the "supervixen" of the title), but now-- wow. "Come down to my house, stick a stone in your mouth." "A hit is hard to resist." "Make a whole new religion: this thing you'll never doubt." "You're not the only one." The fact that I've listened to this album dozens of times in over a decade and I'm still discovering new things? Incredible. No wonder I love this band.
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