October 17th, 2010

this is me

I can't breathe

What a ridiculously epic night. It started as drinks at my place - very low key and kind of dull - then Jodi, Diana, and I went downtown. Straight to Bubble Bar (ugh).

Diana and I made friends with a Korean guy... he commented on a group of gay Koreans at a table - strangely perceptive for a Korean, although he did live in the US for a few years. We three danced together and eventually I found my balls and introduced myself to the gaggle of gays. They brought me into their fold and we drank and danced at Bubble Bar for a few hours. Then we moved to Mix and stayed until close... then we went to a noraebang. I got home at 7am.

Absolutely ridiculous. Absolutely amazing. My goal of becoming friends with Korean gays seems to be happening. Very exciting. The only issue is that only one of the four lives in Gwangju, the rest live in Seoul. Sigh. But hey, I can work with this.
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