July 4th, 2010


You're my heartbreaker

I've had this LJ for over 9 years now. Hooray.

The last week wasn't that great. I've been pretty depressed recently and recent events aren't helping matters any. Oh well. I'll get over it. I usually do.

Yesterday (Saturday) I went to Hwaeomsa temple with Megan and Zandra. It was a really nice temple, and the river - I'm being generous here - was virtually identical to Cheat River in West Virginia. Coincidentally, it had rained the night before, and my apartment had that moldy, musty scent that I always associate with WV. Anyways, it was 100% humidity before we even got to the temple, and as we walked up it felt like it got 10% more humid. Not pleasant. Good day overall though.

Went out with a few people last night and it was pretty good. Then everyone paired up and I started to sober up, looking at my watch every two minutes until I decided to go. There's nothing here for me. I feel that a lot these days.

Someone rang my doorbell at 7am this morning. I decided that staying in bed was more worthwhile than answering that shit. 5,000W says it was my landlady, coming to check on my broken air conditioner. Figures.
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