June 14th, 2010

suffocating in here

I can't believe I've let you in.

I've read three books in the last 24 hours. I'm back, bitches.

I'm in a lackluster mood so I'm eating potato chips and drinking soda. Better than drinking alcohol. The day I start drinking alone we know I have a problem. But hey, payday was today so at least I can afford junk food.

I'm involved with a World Cup pool at work. My team is Uruguay. Go team, go. I want that 32,000W dammit. I'll buy everyone a bottle of soju if Uruguay wins. Or maybe just cookies.

I'm tired of the Koreans turning off the air conditioning and opening the windows. You have no problem leaving your classroom downright frigid, yet you're such a delicate flower that you can't possibly bear to be a bit chilly for 40 minutes in the teacher's room? Whatever, twatbags.

6 days until the 10K. I am ridiculously excited. It's going to be awesome, no shit. It's like--everything I've been working for over the last year is finally coming to a head. Finally.
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