June 13th, 2010

this is me

Nothing you can compare to your neighborhood whore

Today I woke up ridiculously early and spent a couple hours in bed listening to people scream about the World Cup. Around 6:30 - still drunk from last night - I jumped out of bed and declared, "If nobody wants to ride their bikes with me I'll go by myself." So I went on a drunken bike ride at 7 o'clock in the morning. I tried to go downtown, ended up near the Bus Terminal (which is nowhere near downtown), and went home. It was an excellent start to the day, if you ignore the old lady who deliberately walked into my path and yelled at me when I almost ran into her (bitch).

Then I tried to nap and failed. Then I did my laundry. Then I tried to take another nap and failed. Then I tried to take a nap while sunning on the roof and failed. Then I went for lunch. Then I spent a few hours in the park (what a surprise). Then I spent a few hours planning out every weekend for the rest of the summer. I'm tired of boring weekends. I want to do what I promised myself I'd do back before I came to Korea: do one new thing every week.
Since nobody is interested in going to Russia with me in September, I'm actually kind of thinking about saving my Russia trip for January. Collapse )

I am currently eating a Hawaiian pizza from 피자마루 (Pizza Maru) because Pizza School was too busy. It's actually quite good. Gotta love 6,000W pizzas.
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