April 25th, 2010


a post full of acronyms.

Something to remember: alcohol is a depressant. Step away from the phone + other people when you're drunk, self.

In other words: STFU, GTFO, and GDIAF.
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1995 + 1997

Yesterday I went to Korean class, learned verbs, went out for lunch with Megan, Zandra, and a couple of Z's classmates, and then the three of us went shopping. I ended up buying a sweater that doesn't (and will never) fit and a murse I rather like. Later there was drinking at Kylee's, followed by going downtown. I drank a shitload of beer, got ridiculously depressed soon after we ended up downtown, and didn't snap out of it until sometime this afternoon. Considering how rotten I felt I really shouldn't have stayed as long as I did. I should've just gotten up and left. Oh well, can't do anything about it now.

Today I woke up early, sat around editing photos for a few hours, and went for lunch with Jodi, Kylee, and Dennis (a former teacher at my school). After lunch Jodi and I sat in the park for a few hours talking about going to Australia for Christmas and watching kids set off fireworks. Then I went for duck shabu with Megan, Nigel, and Zandra. I'm currently sitting home alone listening to the bass in the guitar bar and contemplating shooting myself in the head.

I've been trying to upload photos to Facebook for the last few hours but the upload keeps failing. Getting frustrated.

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