April 22nd, 2010

wasn't my bullet

An above-average day

Today was a great day. I woke up at 6:30, I went to the gym and found out that I've lost 1kg in two days (I don't know how, but it's not water weight, so I'd say it's legit weight loss), I paid my bills (which ordinarily wouldn't be a contributor to a good mood, but it was 40,000 won total and I waited in line at the bank for a total of 5 seconds so it was pretty sweet), my six year old classes behaved, my older kids were all good, I got some work done, I ate a delicious banana, I studied Korean and watched an episode of Merlin (hi Megan & Zandra!), and now I'm about to go to bed.

Oh, I never mentioned - today I was a white prostitute: my boss filmed me teaching one of my classes. The footage (a total of 3 seconds) will probably be used in a local commercial. So if you happen to see me on TV - or at the World Cup Lotte - let me know.

More days should be like today. I mean, good grief. Look at me being all perky! Ridiculous. Time for bed!
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