April 8th, 2010


Today I wrote a letter I will never send.

Earlier I wrote an entry about what a bad mood I was in (gosh, that's rare these days) and promptly deleted it. This time it was due to people I work with/Korean Microsoft Word/my stupidity/my fucking 6 year old classes. Collapse )

Fortunately, my bad moods leave as fast as they come. Well, with a few exceptions, some of which are why I'm still in a bad mood now. But. Whatever. On the other hand, I will forever hate these 6 year olds. Collapse )

As I'm sure you've noticed, lately I've been in a pretty shitty mood 24/7. I was going to apologize for that, and in fact I wrote a paragraph describing why I don't know what's wrong with me... but then again, why should I apologize? I put up with everyone else when they're being assholes or when they're in a bad mood. Why can't they put up with me for a change? I deliberately keep my feelings to myself. I don't like to put people out or cause a ruckus or anything, but why not? Why can't other people just take me as I am? I realize that, while noble, following through with this sentiment is unrealistic. Especially for me. But you know, why the fuck not?
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