February 18th, 2010

this is me

My heart's across the ocean, but I'm just fine

Today I went to Seoul. It was a long, long day: 15 hours. The worst part is that I've a cold, which means I've spent the entire day coughing and sneezing and feeling like crap.

I got up at 4am, showered, met up with Nigel and Jen (a new teacher) at FamilyMart, and we went to the train station. Then we took a train to Seoul, which took about 3 hours. Then we took the subway to where we needed to go for our seminar.

The seminar was essentially a lesson on how to use our textbooks. I've been teaching from the same textbooks and powerpoints for two months now, so this was not news to me or Nigel. Seriously, the only thing I found useful was the games the other teachers play with their classes (time fillers, oh boy!). Jen found it useful, as did the other teachers from other franchises of our school. I will say this: I am damn glad I work at this school. No bosses playing mind games, no lying or going against our contracts, no leaving out huge bits of information (like the fact that we have powerpoints, which books we need to use, etc). Then again, some of these people were pretty, well, oblivious. I don't know.

After our seminar we took the metro back to the train station and just narrowly missed the train back to Gwangju - "narrowly" meaning we were trying to buy the tickets at 1:45, and it was, in fact, 1:45. Yes. The next train left at 4:10, so we had several hours to kill. We ate, walked around the train station - which is full of stores and markets of various stripes - and just chilled. Eventually we caught the train and came home. Then Nigel and I got dinner at Han's Deli, which was delicious. Now I'm home and ready to pass out.

Being the materialistic person that I am, I'm contemplating buying myself some stuff for my birthday, which is in over a month but I like to plan early: a wireless network for my new apartment, a PSP Go (a portable gaming/internet device), and a watch. That's in the order of how much I want each of them. (Although - and let's be honest here - at the top of the list of what I want for my birthday is "a boyfriend," but people tend not to be material possessions, which is why I left it out. On the other hand, this would be a great present! Hint hint. Oh, wait. sigh.)
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