February 13th, 2010

talk the talk

RIP, long weekend, and money

Not necessarily sober right now, but whatever.

George is dead. Fucking fish. And yet... RIP, little buddy. Fucker.

Tomorrow (today) The Gang and I will be going to the Korean Folk Village. It'll be pretty nifty. Apparently tomorrow night (tonight) will involve drinking + fireworks in celebration of the Lunar New Year. Sunday I'll probably catch a movie.

I want pizza really, really badly. Thanks to Nigel and a dream he had, I've been craving it all week. I think this weekend is the perfect opportunity to have some. Just sayin'.

Finally got my paycheck. I have money! Yessss. Very excited. I don't know what to buy first...

I need to go pass out or some shit. Adios bitches.
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