February 10th, 2010

can you hear?

I don't think it's right, lettin' love ruin my life

Today was... ugh. The kindergarten kids were even worse than usual. There was drama over who really owned a marker. One of the boys punched a girl - really fricking hard! - and then burst into tears. Another girl cried when I told her to stop drawing and take out her textbook. This was ten minutes after she was supposed to take out her book. I mean. Good grief.

Then in my other class of the day two of the boys got in a fist fight right off the bat. Then one of them threw a pencil at me. I mean, he deliberately threw it at my face. Then he tried to beat on the other boy on the stairs with his umbrella. I yelled at him multiple times and told his Korean teacher, who may or may not call his mom. We'll see how that goes.

Went to galbi and gelato with the gang tonight. Good times. Looks like we'll be heading... somewhere... in May. Possibly Russia. Or Thailand.

I may be buying a used bike from one of the foreign teachers at my school when she leaves in a few weeks. It's $60 and seems to work relatively well, although its brakes make an ungodly squeaking noise. I don't know how often I'd actually use it, but it might be nice to have on hand. Oh, and payday is Friday! Very excited. I have plans for that money. Big plans. Clothing, a new belt, a watch, sending some of it back home to pay off loans, buying my ticket to Russia/Thailand/Indonesia... I have a feeling it's not going to last very long.
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