February 9th, 2010


predestination blues

Asked Paul today if I can move into Lorna's apartment when she leaves... and he said yes. I am, shall we say, ridiculously fucking happy.

On Sunday I went to Lotte World Cup with Nigel and Jodi, had lunch, and then we all bought Betta fish. Here's mine. His name is George. He's a vicious brute, incredibly unattractive, and probably gay. Well, maybe that's just me projecting again? Sometimes he's pink. And, as we all know, pink is the gay color. Whether certain people want to admit it or not.

I went running again this evening. I also went once last week. It went well enough. I've lost much of my fitness in the last couple months - there were no sub-8 minute miles, and I don't think I even hit 3 miles - but I think I can return to my +5 mile runs in a month or two. I'm also thinking about getting a gym membership when I get my paycheck. At the very least it will give me something to do in the mornings other than sit around my apartment reading trashy romance novels. I mean. Well. Yes.
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    Grails - Stoned at the Taj Again