January 24th, 2010


a dead computer

The powercord to my laptop broke Friday night. As in, the plastic and wires tore and I need a new one. I can spend $45 to ship a new one from the US or I can spend the same amount and buy it here in Gwangju (if I can find a place that sells them). I'm currently undecided.

Saturday was a very dull day. I slept in until noon - oh, god, was that ever amazing. Then I did my laundry. That was kind of intimidating. For obvious reasons the buttons on the laundry machine are all in Korean, so I just pressed a few and hoped for the best. Then I got to hang them all up to dry. And by "hang" I mean I laid them all on the floor and turned on the ondol (floor heater).

I also wandered around Pungam-dong for a few hours. And I read a couple books. And I bought a bucket of chicken. And - I watched a few truly awful movies. Namely, Demolition Man (1993) with Sylvester Stallone and Sandra Bullock and The Last Templar (2009 Canadian miniseries) with Mira Sorvino and some other actors nobody cares about. I do not recommend either.

I woke up at 6:30am today. After an hour or so of trying to fall asleep, I got up, pulled on some clothes, and found a PC bang (internet cafe). It's costing me $1.50 for two hours. Not complaining.
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consider it dug

well I could use somebody

My computer works! Since my last entry I wandered around Pungam some more, slept, cleaned my apartment, watched Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix, and went to Kumho World with Nigel and Zandra. My new power supply/cord cost 30,000 won. It would've cost 12 USD + $35 for S&H... oh well. After that we met up with Megan at TGIF's. I had a chimichanga. It was pretty okay. Dessert though... hoo boy. Brownie Obsession = amaaazing.

In celebration of having a working computer again, I have decided to pick up that meme that has been floating around my friend's list.

Stolen and subverted from lofro, who stole and subverted it from mad_maudlin:

First ten people to comment with a prompt get a short story from me. If you don't have a prompt, I'll write whatever comes to mind. This story will be however long or short as I feel it needs to be. I'll post the stories whenever I damn well feel like it. I don't really care if you repost the meme in your own journal, but it would be nice (for the sake of reciprocity, etc).

1. ladyequinox - adventures in coffee shops
2. gaypenguinsrock - werewolves in Korea
3. mad_maudlin - pet peeves
4. evilfishytank - random acts of kindness to a stranger, with a twist at the end
5. kirbylicious - weird things one finds in fandom
6. sittingontrains - New York, 1900
7. sebscam2003 - A Room With A View
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