December 25th, 2009


skiing and christmas

I had Thursday off due to Christmas break, so I went skiing with a few of my coworkers. I'd never been skiing before, but I figured, why not, right? It'd be something different.

We left at six in the morning and took a bus up to Muju Resort, in northern Jeollanam-do. Now, I'm not going to go into much detail about my skiing exploits, but let's just say that I crashed twice before I even got to the ski lift and, well, getting in "pizza" position (positioning the skis like an A) only works when you can get off the ground. Or out of the fence in which you're entangled.

Around 1:30pm everyone decided to go to the other side of the mountain. Everyone else was going to ski over, but Josh and I decided to take the bus over. What was supposed to be a five minute bus ride ended up taking an hour; when the bus stopped at the lodge we stood up to get off - and off the bus went. We ended up in a small town off in the boonies. Fortunately we were able to take the same bus back to the resort, where we promptly took off those ridiculously uncomfortable ski boots and sat and relaxed for the rest of the afternoon.

After we got back to Gwangju, we separated for a couple hours before meeting up at the twins' place for a Christmas party. I learned a few new drinking games and nursed the same can of OB Blue beer over the entire night. (I'm not much of a drinker.) I went home at about 12:30ish and passed out.

Today I got up at 10:30 and met up with everyone back at the twins' place for Christmas lunch. Good times. After that I came home and sat around watching TV all afternoon. I finally caught up on The Good Wife, which I rather like, and I just saw the first episode of Wonderfalls. I loved it.

I seem to be coming down with a cold; my throat is sore and I'm pretty congested. I'm also horribly stiff and sore after all the skiing (and falling, and running into people, and running into a fence post) I did yesterday. So that's how I'm spending my Christmas. Not exactly traditional, but I'm okay with that. I've kind of gotten over holidays in the last few years anyways, so it's no big deal.
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