December 7th, 2009

can you hear?

skinny love

This was not a great weekend.

My father had a biopsy done Friday, bitched about that for most of Saturday, and then came down with the flu. My cat, Mischa, is not doing so well. Friday she went into hiding and essentially acted like she was two steps from death. Saturday was more of the same, but today (Sunday) she's been acting a little perkier - she came downstairs, ate quite a bit, hissed at my other cat, etc. She has feline diabetes so she's probably going to die sometime soon regardless, but it still sucks.

Here's the ironic thing: I'm about to make a huge life change. My dad may or may not have cancer, and my cat may or may not be dying. The last time I made a huge life change was when I went to college in Missouri. The same thing happened then: my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer and my dog died. Hopefully this won't become a trend.

In other news, I just paid my loans for the month and I feel incredibly poor. Great.
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