November 26th, 2009

this is me

Interview, sleep, shitty writers, my shitty writing.

I have an interview at the Korean Consulate in Chicago tomorrow morning. Then I wait and with any luck I'll have my visa within a couple weeks. My unofficial date of departure is December 20, whereas my contract will start January 2. I'm actually pretty nervous about this interview. I'm, like, ridiculously at ease with phone interviews, but in-person? Not so much. I'll probably end up saying something like, "Um, er, uh, go Cubbies!!!" Yeah, I know.

My sleep schedule is pretty awful. I've been going to bed at 7am and getting up at about 12:30pm. I don't even know. Considering how I just napped for several hours and I have to be up by 8am tomorrow morning for my 10am interview, well, I suspect I'll be pretty tired by this time tomorrow.

I just finished reading a book that left a HUGE plot line wide open at the end of the book. And then I went to the author's website to find out why she did it - and it turns out she "may" want to write a sequel one day. This book was published in 20fucking05. The bitch hasn't released a sequel yet. You don't just toy with my emotions like that! God.

My writing is happening. Slowly. Recently I've spent far too many days writing The Sex Scene from Hell. Let's just say... I am no cunning linguist, and in a few hours/days/weeks I may or may not post the scene for help/advice/etc. Take from that what you will.
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