November 13th, 2009

too cool

why am I not writing?

Ummm why am I not writing my novel right now? Good question. Probably because I'm a failure at life.

I sat down and outlined my original romance novel idea, and I'm actually really liking it now. I have, however, decided against killing off any characters. Sad. I'll just have to save that for another story. In other words, the character I was planning on killing off has been pardoned from his untimely demise... for now.

In an attempt to avoid doing any real work I fiddled with the color scheme of my LJ. A slightly different shade of gray makes it look much better. I also went through my icons and deleted a few that I don't use or don't particularly like, remade a couple, and added two new ones. Now, it's time to return to writing. Or, well, procrastinating from writing. Sigh.
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