August 25th, 2009

furious angels


A (probably quite stupid and downright foolish) Thought:

I could probably train up for a half marathon before I leave for South Korea.

Oct 17: Indianapolis Half Marathon in Indianapolis, IN
Oct 17: Siouxland Lewis & Clark Half Marathon in Sioux City, IA
Oct 18: Des Moines Half Marathon in Des Moines, IA
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this is me

stripped bare I'm the same old savage

I just PRed all over the place. It sounds so tawdry, doesn't it?

To celebrate, here's a post-run photo. My hair looks quite rakish, don't you think?
(Yes, I need a haircut. sigh)

Don't worry, PR means "personal record." And I've got 'em in spades!

3 miles: 27:40; old PR: 29:10
4 miles: 36:40; old PR: 38:12
Pace: 9:10

I put the "stud" in "student." Oh, wait... :'(
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    Calvin Harris - Ready For the Weekend