August 14th, 2009

golden skans

A decision.

I'm conflicted.

I've gotten the contract, heard back from the current foreign teacher, and I just don't know. I like the sound of the city: 200k people, a (fairly small) foreigner community, three minute walk from the apartment to the school, and there are hiking trails right outside the apartment that lead into the mountains. LOVE that last bit. (Can anyone say "trail running"?)

The current foreign teacher seems to like the school well enough - the co-teachers, the bosses, the kids - but he said that every month he's worked there he's been paid late. And the hours are horribly, stupidly bad. I'd have to share the apartment with some random dude I don't know - which would be okay, if not for the fact that 95% of the schools in Korea provide private accommodation.

The contract leaves out some pretty important things, like medical insurance, and pension. (Both of which are required by Korean law, and both of which are generally ignored by this chain of schools.) And there are some things I really disliked about the contract, like... you have to wear a tie. And if you're ever late, even by a minute or two, they'll take a class' worth of pay from your paycheck. I've never been late to anything in my life, but that really bugs me. Moreover, I posted the contract on the ESL Cafe and was flat out told not to sign it.

I'm torn between my desire to just go! and live in what sounds like an amazing place! and avoiding what very well might end up being a total nightmare/shitfest. But, what it comes right down to it...

I can do better.
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Rejecting Wonderland.

I turned down the job offer.

I feel bad about it, because I think the city sounds fantastic and it's the first real job offer I've received. But... that's really all the good points. The contract is atrocious, the hours are shit, and something the current foreign teacher said really bugged: the school doesn't pay on time. Ever. In my mind, not paying on time is one step away from not paying at all. I simply don't feel comfortable signing with this school.

I've been told that the job market will pick up again in September/October/November, as people who got teaching jobs either don't show up or leave early. I can wait. It's a horrible position to be in--this state of uncertainty--but I can deal with it for a little while longer.

In other news, a couple days ago I ran an 8:40 mile. In high school I never did better than a 15:30 mile. How awesome is that?
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