July 17th, 2009

this is me

My week... with pictures!

I've been a little slack on updating this week, which is a little weird, since it's been a relatively eventful week.

Tuesday my certified state background checks arrived; it took a week to go from making the fingerprinting appointment to receiving them in the mail. Not too bad. Wednesday I went into downtown Chicago to get them apostilled. Collapse )

Thursday my laptop returned, and it's in quite good condition. They replaced a hinge and updated the system... for free. Gotta love having a warranty. Thursday I also went for a walk - I injured my foot Saturday in my post-run stretching (IDK how) and haven't been able to go out since. It went smashingly. Depending on the weather I'm going to go on a proper run tonight. Seriously, I've gotten to the point with my runs where I actually look forward to them. I've never felt that way about exercise before. Weird.

Also, I went shaved Wednesday evening. Collapse )
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