July 5th, 2009

furious angels

background check drama PART NINE MILLION

Just had an interview with the new recruiter. They seem pretty on top of things.

One bad thing he had to say: apparently Korea doesn't accept local (city) background checks anymore - as of three weeks ago. Now you need to get state certified background checks from the state police. Since they're certified there's no need to deal with a notary public - you can send it straight to be apostilled.

In other words: I have wasted the last 1.5 months of my life trying to get the wrong background check apostilled. I need to get a request form shipped to me from the State Police, fill it out, send it off, wait 2 weeks, then send it off to the state for the apostille. I'm going to call the State Police and the state department in charge of apostilles to see if I can get them both done in person. If so, a trip to Joliet and another trip to Springfield may be in my near future.

WHY ME?????????????????
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