July 2nd, 2009

this is me

In a better mood.

Okay, I'm much calmer now than I was earlier. Not happy, but not absolutely furious. My mood improved with time and a little stress relief - let's just say stomping your feet on the ground makes you feel much better about life - and after a short chat with Caitlin. Thanks Cait! But yeah, I wouldn't be so furious if it were my fault, not someone else.

I went, got another background check, and went to another currency exchange to get it notarized. The notary public didn't understand why I was there, and by the time I left a huge line formed behind me. Sorry random people I don't know! Wasn't my fault!

I also called the Cook County Jury place and postponed my summons for six months. With any luck I'll be out of the country by the next time they request my presence.

I also applied to another recruiter, based primarily in Seoul, and I'm contemplating applying to a few more: one based in the province surrounding Seoul, Gyeonggi-do, one who has nothing but good things said about them on Dave's ESL Cafe, and another that says they still have public school jobs in Ulsan, which is on the East Coast. I'll keep y'all updated about that.

Oh, and today is my LJ's 8th birthday. Here's to another 8!
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