June 25th, 2009

this is me

Taking matters into my own hands.

I emailed my Korea recruiter the other day after not having heard a word from her in 1.5 weeks - she hasn't responded back. Well, whatever. I'm taking matters into my owns hands and trying new shit out. (EDIT: She just replied back. Apparently their website glitch from a few weeks ago is still an issue, but, as she says, "I've recommended you to a few good schools and will let you know if any of them request interviews! I do think we'll find something soon." We'll see how this goes.)

I'm switching gears slightly and looking at working in Taiwan. IDK. Just seems like the thing to do.

Today I applied to a Taiwan recruiter and a school in Taiwan. I'm also going to apply to another school in Taiwan and a conservation job in Arizona. I'm going to find a goddamn job if it kills me.

Oh, also: I'm not shaving till I find a job. This could get ugly. (1.5 weeks since I last shaved. I look like a mass rapist. Shit son.)
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