June 22nd, 2009


Well I don't mind if the weather ain't good

Nothing new in my life. I've kind of ignored the thought of my future for the last few days, chosing instead to spend my time reading, so whatever. I don't know what I'm going to do. What a shocker.

Instead, this entry is about my running.

I'm doing pretty well. I ran three times in West Virginia, on a trail up near where my Great-Grandfather's house is located. It was noticeably more difficult, but I stuck with it and have kept it up. Since I got back to Chicago I've run another three times, one of which ended up being during a storm. I was soaking wet by the end.

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Also, on a completely unrelated note: facial hair is damn uncomfortable. And it makes me look like a total douchebag. Well, more of a douchebag than normal.
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